Book Review #80: The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Title: The Travelling Cat Chronicles

Author: Hiro Arikawa

Genre: Contemporary

Number of Pages: 288

About: Nana the cat is going on a road trip with his beloved owner, Satoru but he doesn’t know the purpose of the trip. They meet Satoru’s various friends during the road trip and Nana soon finds out the reason why…

Characters: This book had a unique narration as it is told from the cat’s perspective and I enjoyed that a lot! Nana is just a hilarious cat and I loved his POV so much. Satoru is the kindest person ever and we get to know him solely through his cat’s and his friends’ perspectives who we meet on the road trip.

Feelings: This book had so much EMOTION! I never thought I would love reading from a cat’s perspective, but it was amazing how the author captures a pet’s emotions. By the last part of the book I was sobbing because it was truly emotional what Satoru and Nana were going through. The writing was just so funny and beautiful. I’ve never owned a pet and I still wholeheartedly enjoyed this book.

Recommendation: Yes! If you love pets or if you’ve ever had a pet or if you ever want a pet, then this book is for you.

Favorite Quote:

“As we count up the memories from one journey, we head off on another.”

Rating: 5/5 stars.

To everyone who got this far, thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! Also, feel free to share your thoughts, comment or tell me anything 🙂

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